Our daily mission at Pathogend is to help our communities end the path to infection in the spaces of their lives. We are committed to staying informed on emerging pathogens, infectious disease trends, and the latest technologies available to combat them.

  • Because we offer multiple methods of decontamination, we can offer a service plan individually designed to meet your specific needs and challenges
  • We are environmentally conscious:
    • We are keenly aware that people are increasingly sensitive to harsh chemical residue and odors in the environments and that sensitivity is amplified in contained spaces
    • We utilize the most environmentally friendly products, techniques, and technologies available for your desired outcome
  • We offer the ability to track and document your infection prevention and control efforts, which will aid you in monitoring trends and increasing efficiencies
  • Our extensively trained technicians will ensure a service that creates a healthier space for you
  • Our certified technicians provide services driven by protocol with safety and efficacy as a top priority