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School systems across the nation are implementing our disinfection technology platform as part of their proactive, outbreak control, and reactive protocols.

The ability for our system and services to completely engulf a space with Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide™ reaching every exposed surface air touches is prompting school systems to turn to CURIS® again and again after other systems fail them.  CURIS® makes it possible to thoroughly and easily treat athletic facilities, classrooms, school buses, auditorium’s and cafeterias with one versatile device.

With close contact and high touchpoint surfaces, like desks or athletic equipment, disinfection using traditional methods can be hard to achieve or can even contribute to the spread of illness. Missing critical germ reservoirs, not leaving the disinfectant on the surface long enough to kill the germs, or worse, using the same rag over and over to spread pathogens from one spot to another are common problems schools face when disinfecting their facilities.

Preventing Transmission and Cross Contamination
Routine disinfection can help prevent transmission and cross contamination of dangerous germs such as Flu, MRSA, COVID-19, Norovirus, and much more.

While desktops and hard flooring receive most cleaning attention, germs are found in much harder to clean surfaces such as door handles, undersides/edges of tables and chairs (yes, students touch these – just consider how many wads of gum are found there), walls, bathrooms, locker rooms, and gym equipment.  CURIS® is a game changer by providing achievable, measurable high level disinfection —killing 99.9999% of dangerous germs* with patented Pulse™ technology.

Protect Your Reputation with Outbreak Control
Schools and athletic programs are trusted to provide a space safe from deadly germs like Coronavirus. As a facility director or athletic director, it is difficult to choose products that are approved for use and versatile in application. CURIS offers both. Eliminating human error in disinfection CURIS® is ideal for education since unlike other disinfectant solutions it will never bleach materials, corrode computers or build up sticky messy residues.

Having a strong outbreak control and prevention plan, as well as proving their disinfection efforts, is essential to managing those challenges. Thanks to CURIS System Data Management (CSDM), you can have proof of a proactive protocol in place.

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