Preventing outbreak threats in municipality environments and the inability to socially distance at work can present a great risk to personnel. This increases the susceptibility to outbreaks due to space constrictions and the necessity for interaction. High touch surfaces, communication devices, municipal front line workers, and responders are at an increased risk to potential infection transmission as a result of high contact with the greater public including potentially infected people. Midwest Pathogend Services bio-decontamination services can disinfect federal, state, and local municipalities areas.

Preventative measures are critical too. Following treatment, all spaces are always susceptible to reinfection as soon as pathogens are reintroduced to the environment. Ongoing specialized disinfection treatment will effectively reduce transmission by eliminating contamination that exists prior to treatment.

Firehouses & EMS Stations

Federal Responders

  • Municipal buildings
  • Court Houses
  • Correctional Facilities (Detention Centers, Jails, Prisons)
  • Housing Authorities
  • FEMA command centers
  • Disaster response professionals
  • Federal responding agencies office or temp command

Police Stations & Law Enforcement

Post Offices

  • Postal worker’s trucks and essential workspaces


  • Security Checkpoints
  • Correctional Facilities Libraries
  • Transportation Terminals
  • Shelters, and more…

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