CURIS® Systems are used in emergency, transportation, and military vehicles across the country to disinfect equipment and vehicle interiors with a pulsed mist of disinfectant called CURoxide  [EPA Reg 93324-1].

First Responders can decontaminate vehicles without the need to return to central operations or fire stations. The rescue vehicle can return to service faster and respond to multiple calls between stops before returning to fire station or emergency response central operations. The new CURIS 3™ Multi-Function System was designed with First Responders in MIND!

Fire Houses are discovering the versatility and efficacy of the CURIS® System paired with CURoxide™.

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CURIS® Systems are safe to use on high end electronics and other sensitive equipment. As a premier authorized reseller of CURIS® equipment we can set-up routine decontamination and disinfection services for your facility or provide training on use of  CURIS® Systems. Government grants are even available for purchase and training of devices.

Whether experiencing a gap in EVS staff, dealing with persistent pathogen recurrence, or lacking the proper expensive high level disinfection equipment, Midwest Pathogend Services has you covered. We are extensively trained in terminal cleans, CRA, ACA, and CDC protocols. We carry EPA and FDA approved products and equipment so you don’t have the financial burden of capital outlay. And we combine ATP validation, chemical indicators, and biological indicators to validate each treatment.  We own and operate the largest CURIS® System fleet in the country.  As an authorized reseller Midwest Pathogend Services can also help with purchase of equipment and implementation of protocols and processes.

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