Portable Isolation sRoom

The sRoom is a portable Negative Pressure Isolation Room, which is specially designed to quickly isolate patients and ensure patient and staff safety.

  • Fast deploy in 10 mins
  • HEPA filter & 12ACH ventilation rate
  • Temperature control system 20-27°C
  • Automatic doors
  • Negative pressure
  • Protect staff from respiratory viruses
  • UPS backup battery supply
  • Smart touch displaying

Instant Patient Isolation

  • With the state-of-the-art industrial design, it can be set up in 20 minutes or less.
  • Small size and mobility make it fit for any temporary isolation space.

Sufficient Infection Control

  • Negatively pressurized and well-sealed room minimizes the leakage of pathogens.
  • Auto-open door reduces the risk of transmission of infections agents.
  • Appropriate ventilation rate (ACH 12) and proper air flor fast remove particulates.
  • HEPA filter (MERV 14) captures over 99.99% of particulates, creating the safest possible air exhaust.
  • Emergency backup power keeps isolation room work perfectly in the event of power failure.

Better-User Experience

  • Smart thermostat for heating and cooling ensures a decent healthcare setting.
  • Intuitive touch screen facilitates fast access to the room status.